Giorgio Vasi

Italian Family Law & Asset Management

An attorney of the highest level in Italy, appearing before the Italian Supreme Court, Mr. Vasi is an expert on Italian Family law  securing his clients' financial rights in their international litigation. Former Vice President of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Accredited at Embassies to the USA, Ireland and Canada  and an internationally recognized speaker at numerous major international seminars with a focus on asset management in family law.

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Marina Rossi

Italian Victim's Rights (Men & Women)

Co-Founder of still the only Center for Victims of Domestic Violence in Italy, Ms. Rossi is an attorney with the grit needed to overcome bureaucratic obstacles and adversaries. An expert on Italian Family law with decades of securing her clients' rights led to her appointment as honorary legal advisor at the Peruvian Consulate. A passion for assisting victims of domestic harassment (both genders), she brings a skill set more versatile than most attorneys in Italy, with psychologist and experts on call.

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Italian Family Law

International Family Law - Italy LLP


Danielle Miklos Antenone

International Parental Kidnapping & US Law

A New York City attorney, Mrs. Miklos  is an expert on International Child Abduction and Custody laws as well as American Wills and Trusts. A graduate of NYU and NY law, she began  her career by returning a kidnapped child from a region with no enforceable international abduction treaty for support. Her background in the U.S. Military has assisted numerous clients receive successful court orders when it seemed otherwise impossible. Assisting clients throughout the U.S., Europe and the Americas, she brings a strong background in NY litigation to all of her clients.

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Barbara Nuccitelli

In addition to Ms. Nuccitelli's translation services of Italian and US court papers and institutional documentation, she translates also in French, with Airfrance. A background in the prestigious Biblioteca Romana, she assists clients present both present critical information, as well as previous litigation  before the courts to ensure the facts are clearly understood. A mother herself, she appreciates firsthand, the need for impeccable understanding by both client and court.

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